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8 Must-Have Pontoon Boat Accessories for Any Boater

8 Must-Have Pontoon Boat Accessories for Any Boater

Life is good on a pontoon! Whether you’re sunbathing, fishing, or cruising around with friends, pontoon boats offer premium relaxation and leisure while being on the water. 

But for those dedicated pontoon enthusiasts, just having the basic necessities isn't enough. If you’ve struggled with what to get your boater for birthdays or holidays, then peruse this blog with the must-have accessories that every pontoon boat owner needs to make their boating experience the best it can be. 

From fishing to barbeque, these handy accessories will enhance your boating adventure and make a splash everyone will remember!

1. The One & Only autobimini or autobimini lite

Bask in the sun, then push a button for instant shade. The autobimini is the best electric bimini top money can buy. Dual electronic actuators, heavy-duty aluminum frame, a variety of marine-grade canopy colors to choose from, a helm-mounted switch for immediate shade control, and the list goes on! 

No pontoon boat is complete without a bimini top for sun and rain protection, but an autobimini or autobimini lite makes the top even more convenient, easier to use, and more fun when you’re out on the water. 

Order one directly from our Minnesota-based company and install it yourself using our easy-to-follow instructions. Or find a dealer close by who can sell and install one for you! 

2. Fishing Rod Holder

A fishing rod holder is a must-have if you or your boater enjoy fishing on your pontoon. It is convenient and a great way to fish while enjoying a cold drink. Quality brands like Eagle Claw or Scotty offer 360-degree rotational clamps for easy setup and are corrosion-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them or your railings degrading over time. 

Find them online or at most outdoor recreation stores. 

3. Mount Tackle Rack for Multiple Rods

Is your boater an expert fisher or likes to fish with family and friends? Then a mounted rack for multiple rods may be just the thing for them! Find pontoon boat tackle racks for three or four rods, plus additional slots to hold pliers and other tools. Most are easy to install and ready for use in just minutes and can accommodate any type of fishing rod you prefer. 

Popular brands include TACO, Brocroft, and S & C Rodrac and can be ordered online or found in outdoor sporting goods stores. 

4. Fencing Mount Barbeque Grill

Nothing screams summer fun like a BBQ on the water, and now that you’ve caught all those fish, it’s time to grill them up! For those boaters who love to host on their pontoon, a small grill mounted to the fencing is a luxurious treat. 

Secure a small grill kit to your pontoon railing in just minutes and cook up some delicious burgers, hot dogs, or even steak while relaxing and enjoying the view. Find yours at grill shops, outdoor gear retailers, and online. 

5. LED Lighting

Whether enjoying the night with your loved ones on your pontoon boat or fishing in the dark, LED lighting is the utmost necessity. With LED lighting, you can add a soft or bright light to your craft to transform the ambiance and mood of your boat party. 

Moreover, these lights make for safe navigation in low visibility conditions. Install the lights underneath the deck to light up the water below for a cool, unearthly glow (check your local regulations to ensure that’s allowed on your lakes), or fit the lighting in your boat’s interior for a nightclub flare. 

6. Emergency Spotlight

In an emergency, an emergency spotlight is a must-have accessory that every pontoon boat owner needs, especially if you don’t have any other lighting on your boat. Its primary purpose is to help you get noticed and signal other boats while keeping passengers safe.

However, it also comes in handy when docking. We recommend one with long-lasting battery life and powerful lighting so you can safely navigate and secure your boat. Opt for a good brand like Stanley for this necessity. 

7. Compact Diving Board

We’ve covered some cool gadgets for adults, but here’s one for the kids and young at heart: a portable diving board! Cool off in the hot summer weather and make your recreational time on the water more fun with a smaller diving board that attaches to the edge of your pontoon, and get hours of entertainment out of it. 

Compact diving boards from a brand like Lillipad are easy to set up, take down, and stow when you don’t need them. They can be taken on any boat trip and enjoyed whenever you find the perfect spot for a dip! Buy yours online or at a boat accessory store. 

8. Pontoon Corner Bumpers

While not the most glamorous pontoon accessory, corner bumpers might be the unsung hero of your pontoon. Ensure your boat's safety with these bumpers that can protect the outer rails of your pontoon boat and guard it against impacts due to the waves, boats, and docks.

They keep your boat looking new and ensure that no accident harms your favorite lake day vehicle. Find them at most boat accessory shops, and be aware they come in square or rounded shapes. Check your boat before you go to ensure you buy the ones that fit your pontoon correctly. 

Give Your Boater Something Special With autobimini

An autobimini top may be a gift for your boater, but it’s a gift for you, too! Take advantage of the long-lasting and high-quality mechanics, impressive canopy, and 4-bow stability that can only be found in the autobimini line

Push button instant shade and protection is a gift for anyone aboard your pontoon, so now everyone can enjoy the ride even more! 

Order today to receive your autobimini within just two weeks, or meet with a dealer to install one by a pro. Contact our team anytime with questions. 

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