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While your autobimini should be relatively low-maintenance once installed, our team is here to help you troubleshoot and solve any problems that may arise. Get our tips for care and maintenance for your autobimini and download a copy of our instruction manual to have whenever you need it.

If you have questions about our products, need help during the installation, or are concerned something isn’t working properly, request service assistance by messaging us or calling 612-701-0711.

Care & Maintenance Installation Guide

Quick Self Help for autobimini & autobimini lite

Here are some tips for problems that our customers have encountered and steps you can take to fix the issues quickly.

icon The actuators won’t move with autobimini.

First, try the UP/DOWN button on the FOB, Bluetooth, Keypad, and Switch to see if all sources have the same response.

The second step is downloading the manual and reviewing the Troubleshooting page and corresponding manual operating procedures.

Next, review the Diagnostics page in the Bluetooth APP. Press UP or DOWN to see if you are getting voltage and current to the motors or if there is a fault. Make sure the terminals and wires inside the controller are tight and secure. Check to ensure you have battery power.

icon The actuators only move a short distance and then stop with autobimini.

The problem here is the actuators are not synchronized, and the controller will not allow them to move freely without synchronization.

Synchronize the actuators using the Auto Stop setting procedure in the manual. Check the Bluetooth APP Diagnostics to see if there is a fault in the motor encoder feedback. If there is a fault, check to ensure the wiring inside the controller enclosure is tight and secure.

icon The actuators won’t move with autobimini lite.

autobimini lite operates by sending 12VDC battery power through a reversing contactor to the two actuators simultaneously. The reversing contactor is actuated UP or DOWN by a switch.

Download the manual and check the wiring and installation to ensure everything is tight and secure.

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