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Enhance your boating experience with automatic protection from sunburns, excessive heat, surprise rainstorms, and more! autobimini is an easy-to-use, 4-bow automatic bimini top that adds shade to any pontoon or deck boat with just the touch of a button.

autobimini’s marine-grade canopy offers 30% more coverage than standard bimini tops, and intelligent motion controls allow you to position the top at any angle. With one button press or using smart technology, you can raise, lower, or place your top in a radar position, and our patented mechanics are gentle on the system for long-lasting usage.

Order your autobimini or autobimini lite and experience a more enjoyable way to shade on the lake!

Our Minnesota-Based Company

autobimini is available from the Excelsior, Minnesota-based innovators at FFI Automation, Inc. Founded in 2004 and with exceptional experience primarily in the marine industry, FFI Automation, Inc. is dedicated to solving first-world problems with skillful engineering and custom-designed control circuitry for highly reliable, perfect-fit electronic solutions.

Over the last decade, FFI Automation has supplied over 100,000 automatic boat lift systems operating all over the United States and Canada. Our automatic boat lift products were adapted to develop autobimini as a perfect-fit solution for shading pontoon and deck boats, and the similar technology from our existing designs has been proven highly effective over many years.

The autobimini Story

autobimini was developed on Pipe Lake in Comstock, Wisconsin. There is a bridge between Pipe Lake and North Pipe Lake, and the shallow water under the low bridge connects the two lakes allowing passage by boat.

However, boating under the bridge requires a bimini top to be taken down and then put back up. After accomplishing this task manually multiple times with much frustration and discovering that many people wanted an easier solution to raise and lower their bimini tops, it became clear there had to be a better way.

Since we supplied electromechanical systems for boat lifts to go up and down automatically, we engineered a system for bimini tops to go up and down automatically, too. Thus, autobimini has become the gold standard for automatic bimini tops.

We hope you enjoy your autobimini. You will use your bimini top more easily, with more pleasure, and more often after installing it!

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