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Installation & User’s Manual

For your convenience, feel free to download the autobimini or autobimini lite installation guide and user’s manual at any time. Complete with safety operations, system installation instructions, care and maintenance, a troubleshooting guide, and more, almost any question you may have about your electric bimini top can be answered there.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions, contact our service team for quick support on your problem.

autobimini Manual

Click the button below to download the autobimini manual.

autobimini manual

autobimini lite Manual

Click the button below to download the autobimini lite manual.

autobimini lite manual

Additional Safety Precautions

Our FFI Automation team takes the safety of our customers and end users very seriously. That’s why we provide extra warnings and recommendations to our users for the correct and safe operation of the system.

Here are some key reminders for proper autobimini use.

Safe Operation

Before operating your autobimini, thoroughly inspect the area around it to verify that all passengers are in a safe position. Verify that no person is in an area that will interfere with the motion of the autobimini as serious injury could result.

Pinch Points

Moving parts, including the autobimini arms, can pinch, cut, or crush. Keep passengers clear and use caution when operating the unit.

Limitations of autobimini Operation

The autobimini actuators are designed to overcome wind loads in order to operate in adverse weather conditions.

However, do not operate the autobimini in excessively high winds or boat speeds. This can result in product damage and/or personal injury.

Do not attempt disassembly or repair while the boat is in motion.

Maximum Speeds

Observe the autobimini maximum operating speed limits. The maximum speeds are relative values inclusive of wind and boat speeds combined.

Full UP Position: 25mph

Full UP Position (w/front support arms): 35/45/55 mph (see manual for details)

RADAR Position: 50mph (boot installed)

Full DOWN Position: 70mph (boot installed, highway speed)

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