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Superior Design & Smarter Controls

Our team doesn’t just talk a good game about innovative designs and smart technology controls. Our patented mechanics and engineering in the autobimini and autobimini lite prove it. 

We believe in manufacturing devices that perform at the highest level and as consistently as possible for as long as possible, which is why our team never stops enhancing the power systems and improving the controls of the autobimini. As technology gets smarter, so does our ingenuity in upgrading the performance of our machines. 

That’s why we can guarantee that the autobimini and autobimini lite are the best automatic bimini tops on the market. 

Maximum Shade & Sun Protection

autobimini uses the highest quality materials to protect you and your family from the sun: a 600D solution dyed fabric. 

Our 600D polyester water-repellent fabric is a true 600x600 Denier. It is solution-dyed – not all are! Why is this so important? It means that the color is not applied to the surface; rather, it is part of the threads used to create the fabric. 

The color exists all the way "through" the material. Color lasts much longer on materials that are solution-dyed. In addition, our 600D material is not only abrasion resistant, it retains more flexibility and a softer feel. 

The Canvas and boot fabric are UPF50+ protected – the maximum sun protective rating achievable for fabrics.

The autobimini canvas and boot provide:

  • Long lasting 600D solution-dyed polyester colored fabric
  • UPF 50+ rated fabric for maximum sun protection
  • Skin protection against UV rays
  • Reduced sun exposure in peak hours with quality shade
  • Removeable canvas and boot using marine grade zippers
  • PTFE (Teflon) marine grade stitching 

How Does autobimini Compare to the Competition?

You get so much more for the price when you compare our products vs our competitors.

How does autobimini compare to the competition?

Features autobimini autobimini lite Competitive Brand
Smart Controller with PWM* no controller, on/off switch no controller, on/off switch
Auto Stop user holds switch until actuators stop user holds switch until actuators stop
Soft Start/Stop hard start/stop hard start/stop
Electronic Synchronization none none
Built-in Safety Protection none none
Smart Motors none none
20A Circuit Breaker 8A circuit breaker 6A circuit breaker
Smartphone Operation none available with rechargeable battery power option
Smartphone Diagnostics none none
Water Sensor Safety FOB 4 button none none, optional 2 button remote with additional charge
Heavy Duty Reversing Contactor intelligent none, helm switch is used to reverse direction
4-bow bimini 3-bow
Elegant arched bimini top flat bimini top
Seven Canopy/Boot Colors yes
Shipping Weight 87lbs 87lbs 53lbs
Front Sport Arms (x2) included included optional with additional charge
Price $1,595.00 $1,395.00 $1,595.00

Specialized Features

autobimini is designed to run as smoothly as possible while being gentle on the system to ensure long-lasting operation.

How do we do it? By never compromising on the mechanics of the system.

What is autobimini PWM Control?

PWM Control is pulse-width-modulated (PWM) motor control. PWM control uses digital transistor outputs that are microprocessor controlled to deliver smooth motor control.

PWM control has the following advantages over contactor-based ON/OFF control:

  • Smooth motor control: You can see the motor performance with controlled motion.
  • Soft start: The in-rush current to the motor is 3-5 times less and easier on the mechanical systems.
  • Soft stop: PWM control uses digital control for smooth motor acceleration and deceleration.
  • Longer Life: You get longer motor life and longer bimini frame life since the PWM motor control is gentle on the mechanics of the system.

PWM motor control is market exclusive to autobimini. No other supplier on the market offers digital PWM control.

What is contactor ON/OFF motor control?

As the name implies, contactor-based control turns the motor ON or OFF at the appropriate time. autobimini lite contactor-based systems use heavy-duty reversing contactors with specifically engineered materials for the reversing contacts to enhance life and performance.

ON/OFF contactor-based systems are operated by a security momentary helm switch. Contactor-based systems are characterized by hard motor start/stop and higher in-rush current to the motor, causing motor jerk at start-up and motor stall at hard stop positions.

They are harder on the motor and bimini frame mechanics but offer exceptional price to performance value.

What is the autobimini PCB?
What is included in the autobimini controller enclosure?
What is in the autobimini SmartPhone app with built-in diagnostics?
What is in the autobimini remote-controlled FOB?
Does autobimini have a patent?
Our patented design with worm gear drive unit can be found as patent number US 11,498,646 B1

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