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Electric Bimini Tops vs. Manual Tops: Which Is Right for You?

Electric Bimini Tops vs. Manual Tops: Which Is Right for You?

The point of being in a boat on the lake or river is enjoyment. Whether you’re soaking up the sun, catching some waves, fishing, cruising, or seeing the sights, you want to be having a good time while on the water.

The last thing you need while relaxing on your pontoon boat is the inconvenience of putting up or taking down a bimini top just to get a little shade or protection from the weather. The makers of autobimini recognized this aggravation all too well, so they created an electric canopy option that changed the game: autobimini and autobimini lite .

Here’s a look at how automatic bimini tops are making life on the water even more relaxing and enjoyable!

No Stress Set-Up or Take Down

A constant problem with a manual bimini top is having to put it up and take it down yourself, and when you’re in a hurry, this is even more tedious and frustrating. As soon as it starts raining, you may find yourself scrambling to pull up the top, center the ball joint in the base to secure the back section, pull the top forward, and frantically connect the front end to your boat.

By this point, you’re likely soaking wet, so what was the point of the bimini top? Repeatedly having to lower the top can also be a pain. When you’re passing under a low bridge or overhanging trees that could snag your top, lowering it and then raising it again after you’ve passed becomes an annoying redundancy.

But an automatic bimini top makes the process easier. Just push a button, and with no fumbling or boat rocking, your autobimini top is up, protecting you from rain and sun. Push a button again, and in a few seconds, the top is down.

That’s it. No stress.

Hassle-Free Automation

With a manual bimini top, you (or your kids) are the automation. You do all the work to get your bimini top in place. But with autobimini, smart technology and our patented actuator, controller, and electronic synchronization system is your automation.

This dual smart motor system allows you to use a FOB, helm-mounted switch, or even your SmartPhone app to raise and lower your bimini top.

The dual-axis electronic synchronization gives you smooth positioning, so you can place your top in virtually any position, UP, DOWN, RADAR, and anywhere in between.

Easier Travel With More Relaxation

This smooth raising and lowering action makes traveling by boat so much easier and more enjoyable. When fussing with manual bimini tops, you miss the sights, thrill, and immersive relaxation that you should feel while boating.

Relying on autobimini gives that feeling to you. No matter what part of the lake you’re headed to or how far down the river you need to go, you have the ability to cruise with no delay.

Plus, the autobimini canopy is high and wide. It doesn’t block your view of the scenery while fully shading your pontoon boat or protecting you from the rain with its 10-foot wide span. Most manual bimini tops can’t boast so much clearance or shade-providing width.

Higher-Quality Materials

While some manual bimini tops are made with good-quality materials, the autobimini guarantee is premium quality mechanics and marine-grade materials. Always. We never compromise on shoddy workmanship or flimsy parts.

Not all automatic bimini tops are created equal, so beware of inferior electric tops that don’t stand up to the elements or the test of time.

Every autobimini and autobimini lite is manufactured for exceptional strength and long-lasting durability, which is why our products include:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum frames with a 4-bow design that adds extra strength.
  • Marine-grade fabrics for lasting resistance to UV rays, water, and mildew and they come in seven color options.
  • Worm gear technology for enhanced torque and reversing mobility.
  • autobimini uses a pulse-width-modulated control motor for smoother positioning, softer starts and stops, longer motor life, and greater control.
  • autobimini lite uses a contactor-based ON/OFF motor control for an optimal price-to-performance ratio.

Buy an autobimini Today!

After seeing the wide gap in usability, durability, and enjoyability, make the switch to an electric bimini top. You and all your boating companions will be so glad you did!

Order now to have autobimini or autobimini lite shipped directly to you in just a few days. The installation is ideal for the mechanically minded or skilled DIYers. And our service and support team is always available if you have any questions.

Or find one of our certified dealers near you who can install either device onto your pontoon or deck boat. Then get out on the water and enjoy boating in shady luxury!

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