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The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Power Bimini Tops: What to Look For

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Power Bimini Tops: What to Look For

If you're a boat owner, water sports enthusiast, or outdoor adventurer, you know the importance of having a reliable shade solution on your vessel. A power bimini top is an excellent investment that provides shade and protection from the elements that enhance your boating experience. 

However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. In this ultimate buyer's guide, the autobimini makers will walk you through the essential factors to consider when selecting a power bimini top for your boat.

1. Essential Features to Consider

When shopping for a power bimini top, there are several key features to keep in mind:

  • Ease of Operation: Look for a top with a user-friendly control system that allows for smooth and effortless deployment and retraction.
  • Coverage Area: Consider the size of your boat and the amount of shade you require. Ensure that the top provides adequate coverage for your needs.
  • Sturdy Frame: A well-constructed frame is crucial for stability and durability. Opt for a top with a robust aluminum or stainless steel frame.
  • Quality Fabric: The fabric should be water-resistant, UV-protected, and fade-resistant to withstand harsh marine environments.
  • Customization Options: Some manufacturers offer customization options such as color choices, logos, or additional accessories like boot covers or storage boots.

The autobimini Advantage

Fortunately, autobimini has developed electric bimini tops with these exact features in mind. From smart motors with pulse-width-modulated (PWM) control for smoother operation and smartphone or push-button control to elegantly arched marine-grade canvas tops that offer 10 feet of coverage and come in seven different colors, you can have every feature on your wish list! 

Check out our full comparison chart to see how autobimini stacks up against the competition and all the advantages you get with our impressive power bimini top. 

2. Measuring Your Boat for the Perfect Fit

To ensure a seamless fit, accurately measure your pontoon before purchasing a power bimini top. 

Here's how:

  1. Measure the width of your boat at the mounting points where you plan to install the top. The autobimini tops can adjust to fit pontoons and deck boats that are 92 - 102 inches wide. 
  2. Determine the desired length of the top by measuring from the mounting point to the desired endpoint. Our top’s coverage spans a full 10 feet, which is an additional 30% more than standard bimini tops. 
  3. Consider the height clearance required for easy movement around the boat without obstruction. Especially if you like to fish, having room to stand is essential, so autobimini’s are designed to accommodate headroom. 
  4. Consult with the manufacturer or refer to their sizing charts to find the appropriate size based on your measurements.

3. Get Materials With Longevity & Durability

When investing in a power bimini top, you want a product that will stand the test of time. Pay attention to the materials used in construction, including the frame, fabric, hardware, and motor. 


Aluminum frames are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, while stainless steel offers ultimate strength and durability. Or get the best of both worlds with autobimini’s heavy-duty 1.25 inches by 0.25 inches square aluminium tubing. 


Look for high-quality, marine-grade fabrics such as solution-dyed acrylic or polyester. These materials offer excellent resistance to UV rays, water, and fading. Our tops come with 600D Solution Dye UV-protected canvas with a matching boot. 


Ensure that all hardware components, such as pulleys, springs, and mounting brackets, are made of corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or brass.


Invest in high-quality power with soft start/stop capabilities, electronic synchronization, built-in safety protection, and smart operation, like our patented worm gear technology motors with PWM smart control. 

4. Weather Considerations

The climate and weather conditions in your area play a significant role in choosing the right power bimini top:

  • Wind Rating: If you frequently boat in windy conditions, opt for a top with a higher wind rating for added stability.
  • Rain & Sun Protection: Ensure that the fabric offers adequate water resistance and UV protection to keep you dry and shielded from harmful sun rays.
  • Cold Weather: If you boat in colder regions, consider a top with a higher-quality fabric that can withstand low temperatures without cracking or becoming brittle, especially if you don’t store your boat in climate-controlled facilities. 

5. Installation & Maintenance

Before finalizing your purchase, consider the installation process and maintenance requirements for compatibility, installation, and maintenance. 


Ensure that the power bimini top is compatible with your boat's make and model. The autobimini electric top can be added to almost any pontoon or deck boat due to its telescoping adjustable width framework feature.


Check if the top comes with detailed instructions or if professional installation is recommended. Some manufacturers offer installation services for a seamless process. 

You can install our tops yourself, which makes for a fun weekend project for those mechanically inclined, or you can work with our exclusive dealers to have autobimini installed for you. 


Look for tops with easy-to-clean fabrics and minimal maintenance requirements. Regular cleaning and proper storage when not in use will extend the life of your power bimini top. 

See our guide on how easy it is to care for autobimini, and if you aren’t sure if you’re doing all you can to store your boat correctly for the winter, take a look at our tips for boat winter storage

Make the Most Out of Every Boating Adventure with autobimini

Investing in a power bimini top is a smart decision for any boat owner or water sports enthusiast. With the right top, you can enjoy shade, protection, and comfort on all your pontoon outings, no matter how near or far you go! 

With autobimini and autobimini lite, you get unparalleled power bimini top quality, style, efficiency, and durability. Plus, our products come with technical support right from the manufacturer. 

Order your autobimini today and have it delivered to you in just two weeks, or connect with one of our dealers to set up an installation appointment. Then enjoy the ride even more!

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