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autobimini lite

In this simple but elegant design, autobimini lite combines marine-grade products with high-power engineering. Install it today for comfortable convenience whenever you’re on the water. 

- Please allow 2 weeks for order processing and delivery

-  Product may weigh up to 90 lbs. with accessories

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The remote controls are awesome

We installed autobimini on our Sylvan pontoon on Big Round Lake in Wisconsin. Running the wires is the most difficult part of the installation, but the manual documentation was very helpful. No more difficulty with struggling to get the bimini up and down. The remote controls are awesome. We even installed the optional LED light and operate the canopy light with the remote controls. Now that we have autobimini, I will never own another pontoon that does not have autobimini.

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Barry H.

Woodbury, MN

Couldn’t be more pleased with the operation of autobimini

We installed autobimini on our pontoon located on Webb Lake in Wisconsin. There is a bridge on our lake and I couldn’t be more pleased with the operation of autobimini. We now travel under the bridge with the push of a button. The actuators are definitely heavy duty and I like the look of the aluminum tubing. I prefer to operate autobimini with the helm switch, but we also use the remote and Smartphone controls too.

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Roger H.

Minneapolis, MN

I love the features of autobimini

I love the features of autobimini. It is the best and most feature rich automatic bimini on the market today. The auto stop and soft stop are very gentle on the mechanics. The autobimini moves easily to the programmed stops. I like the large zippers on the canvas and boot. It is good quality. I installed two of them on our friend’s pontoons in Michigan.

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Matt G.

Ortonville, MI

Additional Information

Feature autobimini autobimini lite
Multi-Axis Motion Controller
Electronic Synchronization
Auto Stop
Soft Stop
Sleep Mode
Manual Override Mode
Remote FOB
Smart Phone App - Real Time Diagnostics
Waterproof Enclosure
Keypad w/ Status LED’s
Dual Electronic Actuators - Smart
Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
4-Bow Design
1.25” x 0.125” Square Tubing
Positioning Any position UP, DOWN, RADAR
Marine Grade Canopy - 7 colors - 7 colors
Matching Storage Boot
12VDC Battery Power
Electronic Circuit Breaker - 20A - 8A
Helm Mounted Switch Optional with LED
LED Canopy Light Optional remoted controlled
12VDC Reversing Contactor
Speed Limits (Boat & Wind)    
UP Position 25MPH 25MPH
UP w/ Support Arms Standard – 45/55MPH Standard - 35MPH
RADAR (w/ boot) 50MPH 50MPH
Towing (DOWN w/ boot) 70MPH 70MPH

FAQs for autobimini lite

Find the answers to our most common questions about autobimini lite and its installation. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send a message to our service and support team.

What is included with autobimini lite?

autobimini lite includes a reversing contactor, helm-mounted momentary switch, two (2) electronic actuators, a 4-bow aluminum frame, canvas, and storage boot.

You may need additional miscellaneous wire-securing hardware for routing the electric cables, depending on your exact installation.

What are the dimensions of an installed autobimini lite?

The width of autobimini lite is adjustable from 92” to 102”, and the approximate installed dimensions are 10 feet long and 52 inches high in the full UP position from the surface of the playpen.

Can I install autobimini lite myself?

Yes, autobimini is designed to be installed as a DIY project. See our provided full instructions for installation guidance. The DIY installation is for mechanically and electrically inclined people since it requires accurate measuring, drilling holes, tightening nuts/bolts, running wire cables, and electrical wiring skills.

Can I add autobimini lite to my existing pontoon?

Yes, autobimini lite can be added to almost any pontoon or deck boat due to its telescoping adjustable width framework feature. An autobimini lite will adjust and fit the width of pontoons anywhere between 92” to 102” wide.

The pontoon must have 1.25” square aluminum tubing in order to mount autobimini lite. The heavy-duty electronic actuators weigh 10 lbs each and are designed to be supported with 1.25” square aluminum tubing.

The installer must provide a full-length spacer if smaller aluminum tubing is used.

Will autobimini lite work on a playpen with a step profile aluminum tubing shape?

Some manufacturers, like Avalon, have a step profile playpen shape rather than the standard 1.25” square aluminum tubing.

If your pontoon has a step profile, autobimini or autobimini lite can be mounted to the playpen. There are two choices:

  1. Reduce the step profile so the autobimini actuator can be mounted over the step profile. Methodical clamping can reduce the step profile.
  2. Remove the step profile with Dremel tool.
I’m not the DIY type, how do I get autobimini lite installed?

See our list of dealers to have your autobimini lite professionally installed.

If you have a local pontoon boat dealer that is capable of installing autobimini, we will sell autobimini to the boat dealer at a discount so they can sell you the product and charge you an installation fee.

Can I get autobimini lite with a remote control?

Unfortunately, autobimini lite is not available with a remote control. However, the autobimini is provided with a remote control FOB and Smart Phone APP remote control.

Do I have to hold the switch to operate autobimini lite?

Yes, we require the operator to control the system by holding the helm-mounted switch.

The person who is operating the system must be able to stop autobimini lite at any time for any reason. This is for safety.

How long are the electronic actuator cables?

The dual electric actuator cables are 25 feet long and provided with marine-grade wire in a protective jacket.

You may find that the actuator cables are bigger than in other brands. This is because six (6) marine-grade wires are inside each jacketed actuator cable. There are two (2) wires for motor power and four (4) wires for encoder electronic synchronization. The cable houses more wires since it is smart.

Can I use my existing bimini top with autobimini lite actuators?

No, autobimini lite framework is specifically engineered to work with autobimini lite actuators. Even the best manually operated bimini tops on the market will quickly fail when powered due to their lightweight construction.

Our autobimini lite needs the stiffness of the provided aluminum structure to perform the needed motion control.

Does autobimini lite come with a warranty?
Yes, autobimini lite comes with a one-year limited warranty.
Where can I get replacement parts for autobimini lite?
Replacement parts such as canvas, boot, aluminum frame, actuators, autobimini controllers, enclosures, and contactors are available. View all of our replacement parts or contact us with service questions.

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