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Off-Season Pontoon Projects: Make the Most of the Winter Months

Off-Season Pontoon Projects: Make the Most of the Winter Months

Winter may seem like a strange time to think about your pontoon boat since what we most love about it is cruising with friends on summer lake days. But the off-season can be the perfect opportunity to take care of some much-needed maintenance and upgrades.

If you have the space while your boat sits idle for months, prepare it for the upcoming season, ensuring a stress-free, more enjoyable boating experience!

Consider these pontoon off-season projects to keep yourself busy and prepare for the next boating season.

Replace Old Hoses

One of the easiest projects you can do is replace old hoses and hose clamps in your pontoon. Your boat's engine has several hoses that channel fluids and are crucial components for the proper functioning of your pontoon's water system.

Over time, they can become worn, brittle, and leaky, leading to reduced water flow and potential flooding. In your off-season time, check the condition of these hoses, especially if they are older than six years. Replace any hoses with visible wear and tear, cracks, or holes.

Don't forget about those hose clamps, too – these small parts can easily become weak and rusted, so replace them as needed. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive project that can save you a lot of headaches down the line.

Repair Broken Navigation Lights

If you're the type of boater who likes to go out after dark, you know the importance of visibility and safety. Navigation lights are essential for ensuring your boat is seen and can easily avoid danger, but they often burn out or get damaged during the boating season.

Take the time to check all your lights and replace any burnt-out bulbs or broken lenses. It's better to prevent an accident than to wait until something happens. Plus, you’ll ensure your boat is safe and legal when you hit the water again!

Add Gadget or Instrument Upgrades

If you are passionate about boating, you want to ensure you have the best possible gear to enhance your experience. Maybe you received some awesome boater gifts over the holidays, or perhaps you like to take the winter to research the best new tech that’s come out.

Either way, the winter months are the ideal time to order and install the new instruments you’ve always wanted.

Modern technology has made significant leaps in boating gadgets, so take the time to upgrade your

  • Depth sounder
  • GPS navigation
  • Fishfinder
  • Sound system, speakers, and more.

These upgrades can make your next boating adventure even more enjoyable!

Check the Battery & Remove Corrosion

One of the less glamorous projects, but still an important one, is removing any battery corrosion. Batteries are often the unsung heroes of your boating experience, providing the necessary power to keep your boat running. But battery corrosion can lead to reduced battery life and even the inability to start your boat.

During the off-season, take the time to clean your battery terminals, check the battery water levels, and make any necessary repairs. It's a simple project that only requires a little bit of elbow grease and a wire brush to clean the terminals. This simple task can ensure your boat starts easily and runs smoothly.

Make Upholstery Repairs

Upholstery can fade, crack, and tear with age and exposure to the elements. During the off-season, take the time to inspect your pontoon's upholstery carefully. Make any needed repairs or replacements to ensure your guests are comfortable and safe while onboard your boat. With so many versatile and durable materials available, you're sure to find replacements for your boat's upholstery that suit your taste and budget.

While inspecting and repairing your upholstery, you can also take the time to clean it thoroughly. In fact, clean all carpet and canvas items, too, like your autobimini. Here’s a quick guide on how to clean the autobimini marine-grade canvas top and boot.

Install autobimini

Want a long-lasting pontoon accessory that is just as enjoyable to use as it is to install? With an array of canvas colors to match any pontoon, high-power motors, and a super-smooth gliding system, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t installed an automated bimini top earlier!

Especially for those who are mechanically inclined, installing an autobimini is a perfect winter project to get you all geared up for boating season. Our complete installation guides are easy to follow and provide troubleshooting suggestions, safety operations, care and maintenance instructions, and more.

Order Your autobimini & Enjoy the Ride

Make winter a prep season by tackling those boat projects you never have time to complete during the warm boating months. Then, when you’re back on the water, you can relish life on an upgraded boat that includes the full-canopy shading and powerful mechanics of autobimini!

Order your autobimini or autobimini lite and receive it within just two weeks. Or meet with one of our pontoon accessory dealers to have autobimini installed for you. Got questions on ordering or installation? Let our team assist you by contacting us online or calling 612-701-0711.

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